What to expect

Hello. I am glad you are here. Why did it take so long? Anyway, now you are here. What about it, will you ask. Simple. My aim is to make you think and move. Why? Because everything is in flux. You will think anyway, every day, but most of the time on repetitive useless stuff. Let’s keep the useless part, as nothing is really useful, but at least not repetitive.

I plan to do that by giving you the stuff to think about. Mostly cultural artifacts, either mine or other. That’s it.

One first project will be Project 999, how to learn to draw portraits in ball pen in 20 days (effective). The other one is a bit of a lens on all the stuff that really matters and that I pick up.

I also added also a page on my investment challenge, to see if a couple of ideas that I have yelds actually better than the market average.

So enjoy and interact, if you wish.

Project 999

  1. Aim: become better at doing portraits
  2. Hypothesis: 1000 portraits will make me better
  3. Rules of engagement: 1 to 3 portraits per day max. 10 Mins per portrait
  4. UPDATE: Starting to use some aids, in particular the book “Drawing with the righ part of the brain” by Betty Edwards. So far it seems worth it. Try it!